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After years of building and managing successful foodservice distribution operations, Max Nisson and Associates was founded in 2002 to offer specialized consulting services to the entire Hospitality Industry.

Although Max Nisson and Associates is fairly young, its members hold over 80 years of experience in the restaurant industry as well as decades of experience in the fresh meat, seafood, produce, dry goods, and frozen goods distribution.

We provide complete solutions in the following sectors:

Hotels Fine Dining Restaurants Casual Dining Restaurants
Quick Service Restaurants Hospitals Convalescent Centers
Resorts Casinos Cruise Ships
Schools / Universities Corporate Offices Export
Airlines Catering Facilities Conference Centers

Expertise and Support


Regardless of the sector of your business, we provide our clients with expertise and support in almost every aspect within the foodservice arena. Don’t let our name fool you. Yes, we can provide you with a Complete Produce Program Management System. In addition to produce, we have expertise in the following areas: Food Cost Auditing Services, Kitchen Design, Menu Development and Enhancement, Product Procurement, Training in Purchasing / Operations, Vendor Selection, Strategic Forecasting, Master Product Specification Management, Culinary System Development, as well as a state-of-the-art customer-controlled online ordering system that could be used for any of its suppliers.

Breaking News Alerts


At ProduceWiz, we strive to keep you informed with the most up-to-the-minute information that can affect your business, including weather reports, market conditions, industry breakthroughs, commodity forecasts, important recalls and more. So, we have included various news alerts below that may interest you. If a topic strikes your attention, simply click it to read the entire story. Thank you for your interest in ProduceWiz.com

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